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US-2017070655-A1: Light source estimation apparatus and image pickup apparatus patent, US-2017100285-A1: Photocoagulation with closed-loop control patent, US-2017257303-A1: System and method to identify resources used by applications in an information handling system patent, US-2017341691-A1: Anti-Theft Device For A Bicycle patent, US-2015076930-A1: Linear solenoid and manufacturing method of the same patent, US-2015111154-A1: Pattern forming method, actinic ray-sensitive or radiation-sensitive resin composition, resist film, method of manufacturing electronic device, and electronic device patent, US-2015160196-A1: Devices and methods for determining and/or isolating cells such as circulating cancer or fetal cells patent, US-2015270037-A1: Voltage nonlinear resistive element and method for manufacturing the same patent, US-2015279736-A1: Tungsten film forming method patent, US-2015335435-A1: Intermediate Body for a Bone Implant, and Implant Arrangement patent, US-2016073261-A1: Systems and methods for geolocation-based authentication and authorization patent, US-2016102548-A1: Closed Chamber Impulse Test with Downhole Flow Rate Measurement patent, US-2017000188-A1: Heat generation segment for an aerosol-generation system of a smoking article patent, US-2017171289-A1: Gateway that enables a browser-based application to communicate with a server-side application using a non-browser-compatable protocol patent, US-2017172070-A1: Bale loading apparatus and method to convert between a small bale stack wagon and a big bale stack wagon patent, US-2017371959-A1: Audio augmented reality system patent, US-2015145742-A1: Aerial Module and Mobile Terminal Device patent, US-2015151725-A1: Systems and methods for implementing a multi-segment braking profile for a vehicle patent, US-2015272821-A1: Circulatory flow restoration device patent, US-2015295791-A1: Management of virtual machine placement in computing environments patent, US-2015306354-A1: Medical guide wire patent, US-2016075390-A1: A Bicycle Child Seat patent, US-2016116591-A1: Object detecting apparatus patent, US-2016176025-A1: Pipe wrench having changeable engaging surface patent, US-2016321453-A1: Method and device for detecting malicious code in an intelligent terminal patent, US-5656843-A: Semiconductor device having a vertical insulated gate field effect device and a breakdown region remote from the gate patent, US-2016333968-A1: Transmission for vehicle patent, US-2017090314-A1: Imaging processes patent, US-2015152401-A1: Alpha amylase variants derived from the alpha amylase of cytophaga sp. amylase (cspamy2) patent, US-2015285371-A1: Balanced binary pump for cvt transmission patent, US-2015301827-A1: Reuse of results of back-to-back micro-operations patent, US-2016037471-A1: Suppressing Third Party Registration and Third Party Deregistration Actions patent, US-2016173070-A1: High-speed level shifter patent, US-2016211998-A1: Communication method and apparatus based on a filter bank multi-carrier modulation patent, US-2016243671-A1: Quick change adapter for grinding wheels patent, US-2016293191-A1: Writing spirals with accurate slope on a disk drive media patent, US-2015118108-A1: Contact Lens Cleaning System With Insulation patent, US-2015147060-A1: Hybrid electro-optical distributed software-defined data center architecture patent, US-2015168803-A1: Parallel and WDM Silicon Photonics Integration in Information and Communications Technology Systems patent, US-2015258882-A1: Powertrain for a vehicle patent, US-2016266632-A1: Out-of-band data center management via power bus patent, US-2017143379-A1: Convertible screw for spinal fixation patent, US-2015218365-A1: Copolyester elastomer and an alpha-olefin vinyl acetate copolymer having flame retardant properties patent, US-2015244654-A1: Server device, method, and system patent, US-2015361702-A1: Modular window balance assembly patent, US-2016009236-A1: Bumper Beam patent, US-2016113241-A1: Pet Toys Usable With Annular Foodstuffs patent, US-2016136361-A1: Reusable Syringe patent, US-2016246611-A1: METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR SELECTING BOOTSTRAP ESIMs patent, US-2016269083-A1: Peak to average power ratio (PAPR) reduction for repetition mode within single user, multiple user, multiple access, and/or MIMO wireless communication patent, US-2017060925-A1: Classification of data in main memory database systems patent, US-2015135882-A1: Steering column for motor vehicle patent, US-2015195067-A1: Apparatus for transmitting broadcast signals, apparatus for receiving broadcast signals, method for transmitting broadcast signals and method for receiving broadcast signals patent, US-2015228268-A1: Tube system and life tube adaptor for a hearing aid patent, US-2016120435-A1: Methods, systems, and assemblies for measuring bioelectrical signals of intra-abdominal organs patent, US-2015117414-A1: Handing off a terminal among wireless access points patent, US-2016023846-A1: Temporary Plastic Bag Trash Receptacle patent, US-2015236778-A1: Broadband access to mobile platforms using drone/uav background patent, US-2015283601-A1: Precision casting mold and method of producing the same patent, US-2017084089-A1: Method and system for collecting machine operation data using a mobile device patent, US-2017321639-A1: Voltage type method for testing air flow meter patent, US-2015176391-A1: Monitoring system for well casing patent, US-2015227501-A1: Graphical operative notes patent, US-2015363201-A1: Predicting indirect branches using problem branch filtering and pattern cache patent, US-2015323208-A1: Air conditioning system patent, US-2017053789-A1: Corona ionization apparatus and method patent, US-2017165953-A1: Apparatus and method to extract an object from a base surface using vibration patent, US-2015338214-A1: Method and apparatus for detecting undesirable rotation of medical markers patent, US-2015127014-A1: Method and apparatus for preparation and insertion of an intraocular lens into the eye of a patient patent, US-2015242059-A1: Video Compose Function patent, US-2016130876-A1: Roofing ladder bracket and safety equipment patent, US-2015266165-A1: Clamp Head patent, US-2016215806-A1: Extruded Metal Insert patent, US-2016269055-A1: Method and apparatus for adjusting the timing of radio antenna tuning patent, US-2016321301-A1: Method And Apparatus For Information Searching patent, US-2016099775-A1: Optical Transmitter with Optical Receiver-Specific Dispersion Pre-Compensation patent, US-2015294116-A1: Booting a multi-node computer system from a primary node dynamically selected based on security setting criteria patent, US-2016025821-A1: Guidance and alignment system and methods for electric vehicle wireless charging systems patent, US-2016135529-A1: Ventilation system for a garment patent, US-2016284331-A1: Method and device using low inductance coil in an electrical pickup patent, US-2015077435-A1: Setting method and information processing device patent, US-2015302633-A1: Selecting time-distributed panoramic images for display patent, US-2015119363-A1: Methods of treating bacterial infections patent, US-2015167771-A1: Rubber articles subjected to repeated deformation and compositions for making the same patent, US-2015318167-A1: Method of forming an epitaxial semiconductor layer in a recess and a semiconductor device having the same patent, US-2015320241-A1: Folding breath guard patent, US-2015323047-A1: Chain guide and chain tensioner device patent, US-2015330996-A1: Detection of histone modification in cell-free nucleosomes patent, US-2015334292-A1: System and method for providing haptic feedback to assist in capturing images patent, US-2015352632-A1: Production of Large-Area Bulk Metallic Glass Sheets by Spinning patent, US-2016027905-A1: Bipolar junction transistors and methods of fabrication patent, US-2016124182-A1: Optical imaging lens patent, US-2016142854-A1: Method for processing an audio signal in accordance with a room impulse response, signal processing unit, audio encoder, audio decoder, and binaural renderer patent, US-2016158982-A1: Injection molded body, injection molding method, and injection molding die patent, US-2016171015-A1: Information retrieval arrangement patent, US-2016173479-A1: Terminal Authentication Method, Apparatus, and System in Passive Optical Network patent, US-2016203501-A1: Systems and methods for merchant business intelligence tools patent, US-2016209828-A1: Method of Machining Workpiece Using Machine Tool, and Machine Tool patent, US-2016217845-A1: Information processing apparatus and information processing method patent, US-2016222226-A1: Polyisocyanate-Based Intumescent Coating patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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